Isnin, 6 Disember 2010

a cup of coffee please~

how i wish for a cup of coffee right now..~
it's hard to live without water..oh please excuse my poor english, as i'm still crawling at it..

today, after a tiring day, how i wish for a quick bath..but it seems to be quite impossible, as there is no water left not even for making my cup of coffee...~

oh as this is my first post for my new blog..i will inroduce myself..i'm a simple person, i think..but my friend used to say that my way of thinking is quite complicated..tangled..most of the time..erm, i start this blog to try a new way to express myself..i thought why not have your own might be fun..
and i'm still studying..majoring in hmmm..better keep it secret..=P

i used to like strawberry..crazy about it..but now, my tendency is more to plum..i think i fall in love with plum right now..don't know why, i just like it~

oh how i crave for coffee right now~

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