Rabu, 8 Disember 2010

am i being selfish..~

oh am i being selfish...~

lately i've been asking myself this question over and over again..and i am not sure whether there is certain answer for that question..

i'm confused and depressed...

i'm feel all alone unsecured...frustrated~

and sometimes motivated...

i'm not sure of myself anymore..

last week, we took "antidepressant drugs" for pharmacology subject..
and i found something in common with the condition described by the doctor..i felt some sort of afraid of myself..scared of my current conditions...

lately i've heard some of my friends and other medical students undergo pyschiatric therapy due to stress and other things too..

and it came across to my mind...
"do i need that treatment too?? and consultation from pyschiatrist??"

i keep wondering..till now..~

right now i'm trying to avoid thinking negative..because those thinkings only make me more suffer and feeling so unsecured..~

i wish i can get rid of those tangled feeling and get going on my life...~
pray for my well-being...~

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